Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tata Jagriti Yatra

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Today morning was reading the newspaper DNA. It had an interesting article about a 18day trip around India. Its called "Tata Jagriti Yatra". It was organised last year too, around 350 youngsters participated & the article lists down their experiences.

Swapnil Dixit, one of the founders and executive director of the Tata Jagriti Yatra explains:

The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship — both social and economic — within India's youth by exposing them to such success stories and inspiring them to lead and develop institutions both nationally and within their communities.

It is a 18day trip round India, 400participants between age 20-25 years can register. The trip starts on Dec24. The last date for registration is 15th Nov.

For more details & to read the article:

The participants got to meet role models & interact with them which is life altering. The article has given experiences which show how the youngsters got ideas,motivation,direction to start something on their own due to these interactions.

If you know any 20-25year olds, please suggest them this excellent winter vacation package & also pass it around to as many as possible.

If someone plans this vacation let us know too. Thanks in advance. Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Forgotten Your Dreams?

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I feel like a politician :D.

Promising you to keep checking for the upcoming post on 'Dreams' & not adding it even though I just have to copy-paste it.

This one questions 'Have we forgotten our Dreams?' or 'Have we stopped dreaming?'.

The method I explained in last post on Mind Power is here all given in detail.

So do read on, this too is taken from the Simple Truths daily newsletter I get:

Dear Nilima,

Have your dreams gotten lost in the responsibilities of daily life? Are you achieving your life's goals? Many of us lose sight of what we had once wanted to accomplish, tucking those aspirations away while we're making sure the mortgage is met and food is on the table. But, it might only take an encouraging word or deed to get us back on us the fuel for firing up our passions once again.

That's why David McNally and I wrote our book, Even Eagles Need a Push: The Power of Encouragement. Kindness and encouragement can change someone's life forever. It can be the greatest gift you'll ever give....or receive. Today, I'd like to share one story from the book about how a supportive wife helped her rather famous husband back to dreaming big after being unemployed.
An Excerpt from:

Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally and Mac Anderson

Forgotten Your Dreams?

After a change in head coaches at the University of South Carolina earlier in his career, Lou Holtz, then a defensive coach, found himself unemployed.

"I was unemployed for over a month, a long time for someone like me who had worked since he was nine. I felt very defeated. Our savings account was down to four figures: around $10.95. With a growing family to support, I was feeling pressure. It would have been an unbearable period, if not for my wife. She could not have been any more supportive or encouraging. Beth never complained. She went to work as an x-ray technician to help keep us in groceries. She also brought me the motivational book, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David Schwartz, hoping it would help me feel less depressed.

In his chapter on goals, Schwartz writes that anyone who is bored by life has probably forgotten his or her dreams. He invites readers to get back in touch with them. As a first step, we are asked to list all the things we have ever wanted to accomplish: I had a lot of time on my hands, so I took out a pencil and paper and divided my list into five categories:

1. As a husband/father
2. Spiritually
3. Professionally
4. Financially
5. Simply for excitement

It was the in fifth category that I let my imagination run wild. Here are some of the things I included:

1. Jump out of an airplane
2. Land a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier
3. Travel the ocean in a submarine
4. Go white-water rafting on the Snake River at Hells Canyon
5. Be on the Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson
6. Attend a White House dinner with the President
7. Meet the Pope
8. Go on an African safari
9. Become a scratch golfer and play the top 50 golf courses in the world
10. Run with the bulls in Pamplona (provided I was matched with a much slower person)

And on it went. I had 107 goals on my original list. Suddenly, I was looking at my life differently and was excited about the future. When I told Beth that I was determined we do all of them, she said, "Gee, that's great, honey, but why don't you add "I want to find a job.?" Good note-the list expanded to 108. So far, we've managed to achieve 102 of those dreams-including dining at the White House and meeting the Pope. We're still working on the others. From the moment I made that list, we became participants, rather than spectators, in our life. You do the same and you'll find you don't want to spend so much time sleeping; you'll be afraid you might miss something! There are 26 other amazing stories in our Even Eagles Need a Push book. So, come explore the power of encouragement and see how it can change someone's life forever...maybe even your own. (*Excerpted from You Gotta Read This Book, by Jack Canfield and Gary Hendricks)

:) Beautiful isnt it. Come on everyone, get out your notepads & start penning down all the things u wanna do before you make the last bow. Remember you never know when it will be our last day here on planet earth. ;)

Try it out, plz.!

Even 10 goals also will do. I got my kid cousins to write down 5goals & they loved the exercise, will follow up & instruct them too. Dont worry I cant pester you people.

Till then. Bye. Take care!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mind Power !

Hi good day ppl !
Happy Diwali (Belated) ;) !

How was the Diwali festival for you? For me awesome ! Lot of celebrations, socialising, give & take of gifts,greetings,..... Completed one goal & started working for 2more.

A month ago I attended the introduction seminar on Mind power by Dr. Sneh Desai. I liked the concepts & explained, so enrolled myself for the 2day session over the weekend. It was a great seminar. Explained some of the great concepts about Mind power.

The concept of the seminar was, we each of us are infinite beings, we have tremondous power within & can achieve/be/do whatever we want. But the one which can help us but 99% of the time which obstructs our success is our Mind. The culprit. So how to make the most of it. The concepts explained are given also in the 'The Secret'.

This is not about controlling the mind with chantings, meditation or other mind control techniques. Its about working with the mind, using its habits or changing them to achieve our goals.

The entire Universe works on 1 law: Law of attraction. Everything which comes to you is because you attract it. You think/feel about it & it comes to you. So you may say, I will attract all the good things to me. YES ! you can, but do you? Most of the time what we attract are negative things/situations/people.... So lets start attracting all the good things, shall we?

To practically do this we were asked to make a list of 30 things you want to do in this lifetime. List out all the things you have been meaning to do, put keep putting it off. It may even be a teeny-winny thing. The next step was to Visualise each of these goals in complete future tense. So if your goal is to buy a red Honda city car by 31st nov2009, visualise yourself driving out of the Showroom with your family in that red Honda city car on 31st Nov2009 shouting Hooray. :D

Its a great project to do. I have a managed to list down 20to-do-activities mostly for now to next 4-5years. They include buying family car by oct2009 end, learning tai-chi, basic giutar,2 & 4wheeler driving perfectly, good cooking skills ;) , going for parasailing,paragliding,skydiving, Money & investment related,...... & on & on. Have booked our family car last weekend. So 1goal achieved. The same weekend attended the trail session for Tai-chi joining it next weekend. Enquired for guitar classes on a family friends suggestion, checking few more institutes/places/people to train me with lot of patience :p. Other goals are in the works by phsycially working & visualising every morning.

These same activities we have done through our spiritual healing & meditation practises. Even experimented & come up with our own methods of doing the same things. So the session was exciting for me, was always waiting for whats next. We were taught a lot of things in the 2days session. The more important part was, it was not just theory, they got the exercises done from us there itself so we come to know how beneficial it really is. I was putting off making this list of to-do-things since 3-4years when my meditation teacher told us about it. Now that I have made it, will finish it off !!! Pray/intend/visualise/... for me that I achieve each of my goal. Thanks in advance ;).

I am thoroughly enjoying everyday since then. Once in a while tend to forget, but then start again where I left off. Had sort of forgotten about Enjoying Life, now its back to knowing there life outside of Work place too :D ;).

I have already attended his seminar on Dynamic Yoga. Read the blog post:

Do try out the Goal setting exercise & let me know how it goes.

Will be adding a Simple Truth story on the same concept.