Monday, July 5, 2010

Travel: Long Drives

Hey Good day!

Loooong Weekend ?? :) How did you all spend it? What better way than to go on vacation & that to drive to that destination.

Last 2months me & my family has been shuttling between our native place & Mumbai attending family functions & weddings. The best way is to drive the 3-4hour journey along the Expressway. Love the smooth drive, instead of the old ghat way.

I am a big fan of Looong Drives now :)

Being the navigator for my papa is 1 gr8 way to enjoy the drive.

Crossing Panvel. Near Patalganga.

Near Lonavala. Dont know the name of this old train station. But love it everytime I have seen it. Would love to visit it once.

The monsoons hit the ghat this year early. So even in May the trees & mountains were in lush green & in bloom.

Dhoop-Chaav. The dark clouds causing shadows on the moutains.

Wish can carry the camera at all times. The sunsets & sunrises are gr8 shoots in the mountains.

Reaching Mumbai-home sweet home :)

Didnt go today to Wai. Due to the Bandh my parents got out at 5am to reach for a family wedding at 6pm :P.

Bye.Take care. Hope you too have great loong drives experiences. :)
Have a great week ahead.