Saturday, October 16, 2010

Engineering: KJ Somaiya Abhiyantriki 2010

Hi good day ppl !
Today Saturday 16th Oct 2010 accompanied my friend to K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering. She was invited to cover the Techfest the Engineering college was hosting. We both being with the Press decided to attend it.

The event is called "Abhiyantriki". This year the theme was The Green Dream. No robotics or fancy stuff. They organised 41 events based on this theme making use of recycled things & the knowledge they gain in Engineering years.

Law of Gravity: Marble Marvel. Here 4people are given this maze through which you have to guide the ball, crossing obstacles, dodging manholes,... Team work & knowing the law of gravity is all you need in this.

Contrivance: Art of Contraption. This was the main event. My friend starts the process for a re-run.

It included a complex, strategically planned actions which lead to final completion of task. Like here the ball moves along specially designed path. The students used things which were left as waste in their fitting,carpentary,welding,... labs. So everything was recycled.

The final goal was raising the curtain for the Techfest using this contraption.

Newton's 2nd Law: Bowling. We were given a set of rules similar to bowling. But the way the students explained actually made you realize how Newton's 2nd Law applies here.

Crusher: The students were given spare, used, waste materials and asked to create Crusher. So using waste create a machine which will help recycle waste.

Mega structures: A team was given candy sticks and asked to create structures(bridges) which can carry maximum weight & should follow the principle of Thrust. The first bridge from left in this pic can carry weight of 30kgs. Amazing! Good work guys! :)

Top view of the Contrivance performing another re-run.

Next day Sunday 17th Oct 2010, being Dushera the professors were busy perfoming pooja of all the equipment. This is the fitting lab.

We are the next generation & we can make a difference.

It was good to go back to college & that too an Engineering one ;). Could very well relate to the energy, enthusiasm,efforts put in by the students. We were greeted, showed around, explained very well by the Team organising the event.

Thanks to my friend for inviting me in ;).

Bye. Tc. Like they say its good to go back to your roots once in a while.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie: May you be Blessed

Hi good day Everyone!
I am hooked to watching motivational video clips now-a-days. They are instant boost of much needed motivation. Here is another one from Simpletruths. I have attached screenshots of the pieces I loved most, guess all of them :)

May you be blessed

You are about to see something beautiful!

A few years ago, Kate Nowak awoke one morning and felt compelled to write the words of a special blessing that she wanted to share with others.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Kate's beautiful words are now shown in this inspirational 3-minute movie. It's not about religious beliefs - it's about joy, gratitude, kindness, and love. And it has inspired millions of people around the world.

Just click here to watch.: May you be Blessed

Do watch the 3minute clipping, its beautiful. I wont say a word after this. ;)

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Bless you !

Bye. Tc

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Engineering:Interesting Buildings

Hi good day ppl!
I love clicking snaps of interesting things. 1 common subject is Structures. The following pics are of buildings along the Powai-Jogeshwari road towards Gorai. Felt proud to be an Engineer ;) .

If you know the names of these building, we would sure love to know them.

Dont know the name of this or what is it exactly but the maze used to build this structure captivated me.

These are famous towers I guess. Saw them in an Ad recently. Also below you can see a mall.

These buildings were as if grouped together in pairs.

This is some company's headquarters.

The slum jungle in between.

Loved the height this building potrayed.

Loved the shape. There is a huge globe at the entrance.

A raindrops spotted image but couldnt resist adding this one. The boundary of the building is different also the different shapes across its face.

Another shot.

Love old watch towers. Also the watch in this was working :)

I have plenty more pics. Will do a series of such posts. What say?

Keep checking the blog for more posts.

Bye. Tc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie: Work+Extra=Service

Greetings ppl!
Do you love your job or do you love doing something more than expected in your job? If like me you do, this video from Simpletruths will make you feel really good. If not then this will help you love what you do & attain immense satisfaction :).

Watch the Video here: The Simple Truths of Service

I love helping people even if its not my job. Then it may showing someone how to clear your browser cookies, clearing your cache, explaining what a Browser is, just listening to them explain the problems they are having with their system(even though they are not designed by our team) & offering solutions, arranging activities or ordering food for the team, calling people who are on sick leave to check how they are doing, chatting with random people in the cafeteria about any topic,...

I exactly dont know how much that helps, but I feel lot more good & get the positive vibes back from these people.

After all if you give most of your time to your work place you would love to be surrounded by good, happy, healthy, motivated people.

I am sure you all do something extra in your job. Please share it with us. Its good to get ideas to feel good ;)

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Bye. Tc. Will you be a Johnny today? :)
Have a great productive, satisfying, happy week !!! ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey good day ppl!
And what a day! Its 10-10-10 today. It may be a great date. Many people are saying different things about it. But mostly all around the world it is being observed as a great positive step towards curbing climate crisis.

Check out the earlier post about the Mahim National park which was a garbage dump ground many years ago & now has been converted into a forest. They have butterflies, snakes, a variety of birds, trees, insects, ...

We had gone trekking to Raigad fort on 31st Dec 2009 with a trekking group 'Vedh'. This was not just a normal trek but a cleanliness drive too. Check the post about it too: Travel: Raigad Fort Trek 2009

A friend suggested I check the site: which is working towards bringing down our Carbon emission from the current 388 below 350. Read more about this:

There is a group called 'Walk the Mumbai Trees' which takes you on a tour of knowing more about the trees around you. Meet them on Facebook & check for their next tour. Also I will be adding a post about the tour I took around Ruia college.

This is our small balcony garden managed by my Papa. Its a great, cool place to spend time when at home anytime of the day. Its a home to birds,insects, bees too :)

I hope I am doing my bit & would love to know how I can continue to do this everyday.

Bye. Tc.