Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zen Habits: You're already perfect

Hi Good day!
Was just browsing through my bookmarked site & came across 1 more motivational site I visit often: Zen Habits.
Re-read this article You're already perfect from Zen Habits. Please read it, its immensely self-motivating.

Quoting from this article, just to give you a glimpse of it:

‘Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.’ ~Lao Tzu

You’re already good enough, you already have more than enough, and you’re already perfect. Try saying that to yourself, as corny as that might sound, just to see if it sounds true.

if you learn to be content with who you are and where you are in life, it changes everything.

You already have everything you need to be happy, right here and right now.

Also, as corny as it may sound, I love you, completely and unconditionally, and if everyone else in your world betrays and abandons you, you always have me. :)

Now stop reading this blog, and go be happy.

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Heroes: CNN Heroes Narayanan Krishnan

Hi good day!

We have many war,political,industry,... heroes who have done great achievements in their lifetime. But there some unsung heroes who do their heroic deeds day in and day out.

I got this through mail & checked the CNN site too for more details. There is a voting on for these heroes which CNN has shortlisted. So you can check each of them & cast your vote.

You have to read about this man: Mr.Naryanan Krishnan

If you had not heard of Narayanan Krishnan, as I had not, it is a collective
failure. This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment.

Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he was professionally
trained to do as a chef. Feed people. Only Krishnan does not do this in the
swanky confines of a 5-star hotel. Every day, he wakes up at 4 am, cooks a
simple hot meal and then, along with his team, loads it in a van and travels
about 200 km feeding the homeless in Madurai , Tamil Nadu.

Krishnan feeds, often with his hands, almost 400 destitute people every day.
And for those who need it, he provides a free haircut too.

According to CNN, eight years ago, this award-winning chef with a five-star
hotel chain was all set to go to Switzerland for a high-profile posting. On
a visit to a Madurai temple, he came across a homeless, old man eating his
own human waste. That stark sight changed Krishnan's life.

Much to the dismay of his parents, CNN says, Krishnan abandoned his career
plans and decided to spend his life and his professional training in looking
after those who could not care for themselves. He has provided more than 1.2
million hot meals through his nonprofit organization Akshaya Trust, and now
hopes to extend this to shelter for the homeless too.

Krishnan is the only Indian in a list of 10 heroes that CNN has picked
worldwide to honor. One of them will be chosen CNN Hero of the Year,
selected by the public through an online poll. If many Indians get together
to vote for this inspiring man, he can win by a long mile.

If Krishnan wins he will get $100,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he
gets for being shortlisted for the Top 10. Akshaya Trust needs all the
monetary support it can get to build on Krishnan's dream. Let's help him get

Vote for Krishnan here. The poll
continues through November 18 at 6 a.m. ET.

Check out the other heroes too. Hope everyone does their bit.

Do you know anyone & would be perfect as a CNN Hero? Send in their enteries too.

Bye. tc.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Festival: Pre Diwali 2010

Hi Good day ppl!
DIWALI is on the way. Get out of office during day time & you will really feel the festivals true vibe.

We got the feeling when we were shopping for a friends son birthday party gift.

All the sidewalks are filled with displays of lanterns, rangolis, lightning arrangements, firecrackers, lamps,....

You really get in the mood after seeing all these colourful displays.

Happy Diwali preparation to all !!! :)

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Bye. tc.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Event: Mumbai's Biggest Diwali Party 2010

Hi good day!
DIWALI is on the way. We every year spend money, time, efforts,.. to make it a special celebration for ourselves, family, friends,...

How about adding a little more efforts to make it special for those who are not so fortunate.
We through one of our friends volunteered for an event called "Mumbai's Biggest Diwali Party".
This event is being organised since 27years by Madhu Mehta Foundation. Read more here

It brings together 1500 children from orphanages & remand homes. They are treated to a warm welcome, snacks, entertainment, dinner & gifts.

This is organised at the Mahalakshmi Race course, Mini Club every year before diwali. They take only few selected volunteers too. The special thing about this event & what suprised me was the way its systematically organised. No confusion.

It started at 5pm & went on till 9pm.

There were live performances to entertain the little guests who took full part in them enthusiastically.

The dinner is a sit down ones & is served in pangat style. The children are well looked after & made to feel special. Some need to be feed by hand & have their care takers with them. The volunteers make sure all the children are well served.

One pangat is of 800 children.

The gifts section. Each kid is gifted a bag full of things which they would require on a daily basis. It includes full scape books, registers, notebooks, pencil set, pencil boxes, soaps, towels, crayons, bowls, chocolates, tooth paste,brush,... & every fire crackers :). These gifts were contributed by corporates & organisations.

This young one was loving distributing toys to each special kid & would wish everyone whole heartedly "Happy Diwali". Each kid was also returning the greeting & showing their gratitude with a big smile. Their enthusiam was infectious & made us volunteers try harder to make them more comfortable.

The kids are sent off in an equally grand way :)

It was a well spent evening. Hope the children had a great time too.

It feels like enjoying this times Diwali with a little more enthusiasm & satisfaction :)

How are you spending your Diwali time??

Bye. Tc. Have a great week & preparation time for Diwali.