Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Incidents 3-Your take on this?

Hi Good day ppl ! :)
  Posting after a long time. Todays incident got me thinking & urged to post on the blog.
Today evening got out late from office @8:45pm. With the Mahim fair going on was trying to decide what route,transport to take. At the depot saw my usual bus arriving in, so climbed in, got a seat. But the conducter informed this bus wont go, the one standing behind will go. So all the passengers rushed to that bus. I went but it was too crowded so went back in the first bus. Near the ladies seat saw a plastic bag lying down.
 I just got out of the bus. I went & informed the conductor of the 2nd bus & a few ladies that someone had left a bag in the bus but they didnt pay any attendtion and the bus left. The driver,conductor of the 1st bus were standing outside, they informed me that the bus will leave in 5mins, I can sit inside. I told them I am not going to, coz there is an unattended plastic bag lying near the seat.

To which they quickly went inside to inspect, fearing it might be a bomb. But they found a pair of chappals & some clothes inside it. They said they will report & leave the bag at the last depot. The bus started, after a few stops a hassled lady got in & started angrily scolding the conductor for making the passengers leave the bus & then starting it in few mins. She had left her bag in the bus & now couldnt find it. She thought someone had taken her bag.
  The conductor calmed her down & explained how I had found & reported the bag to them. After that he returned the bag to her. She was almost tearry eyed, glad at finding her bag. She went on profusely thanking me & the conductor. It seems she didnt have enough money, had come to the Mahim church today being Wednesday, had bought her daughter a pair of chappals & was worried about her abusive husband always ready to start a quarrel with her. In that state of mind she had just rushed to the other bus leaving behind the bag. I told her I usually take the 7pm bus, but today after a long time took this late bus. She said it was God plan that she had the brainwave to get down from the other bus & wait for this one to arrive so she could search for her bag. She thanked god for sending an angel in disguise to save her hard earned money & her misfortune.
  We chatted a long time, she told me her family problems, her daughter who is a 12th pass is at home wants to study further but since they dont have money she cant. Also since her education is limited she is not getting a job & refuses to get married leaving her mother in this miserable situation with an alcoholic father.

The thing that got me thinking was -
She was asking me:

-where can her daughter get a decent job, she being 12th pass, having a little marketing & computer knowledge ?
-how she can study further without spending much money ?

 Any suggestions dear readers to this dilema? I have taken her phone number so if I think of a job oppurtunity or further education courses I will inform her.

If you can suggest something let me know.
Thank you in advance.

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Bye Tc.
May all you have lots of angels around you at all times & sometimes become Angels for someone else :)
Have a great week ahead !

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Travel-Haji Ali Dargah,Mumbai

Hi good day ppl !

Today visited the Haji Ali dargah for the first time even after being born & brought up in Mumbai :). Its a famous landmark of Mumbai, a must see for all tourist & welcome for all religions.
The Dargah Sharief is built on a tiny islet located 500 meters from the coast, in the middle of Worli Bay, in the vicinity of Worli.

I had thought we will have to consider the high tide,low tide to reach but when we reached at 2:30pm, it was a little crowded but accessible.

The story behind this dargah is:
The Haji Ali Dargah was constructed in 1431 in memory of a rich Muslim merchant, Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.), who gave up all his worldly possessions before making a pilgrimage to Mecca.He had travelled all around the world & settled in Mumbai.
once the Saint saw a poor woman crying on the road, holding an empty vessel. He asked her what the problem was. She sobbed that her husband would thrash her since she had stumbled and accidentally spilled the oil she was carrying. He asked her to take him to the spot where she lost the oil. There, he jabbed a finger into the soil and the oil gushed out. The overjoyed woman filled up the vessel and went home.But he had a recurring dream that he had injured Earth by his act. Full of remorse, he soon fell ill and directed his followers to cast the coffin carrying his body into the Arabian Sea, once he died. Haji Ali left this world during his journey to Mecca and miraculously the casket carrying his body, floated back to these shores, getting stuck in the string of rocky islets just off the shore of Worli. Thus, the Dargah was constructed there.

The causeway joining the shore & the dargah. They say the waters submerge this causeway during monsoons. So other times all days its open from morning till 10pm at night. Fortunately for us it was not much crowded.

Near the shore at the start of the bridge there are these flower, shawl,sweets shops to offer to the Saint they call Sahib baba.

A short walk & you are there. The causeway is 0.62mile or nearly a km long.

The edifice is a brilliant specimen of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture.

The dargah!
The surrounding structures are in bad condition. The renovation work is going on around it. The thing we liked was there was hustle,pushing around happening, maybe because we landed up on a odd day. There were entire huge families & groups of people having family lunches :)

The entrance & prayer halls for male & females are different. So I have pics from the ladies side of the dargah. This is the prayer hall outside the main tomb. Wanted to sit down for sometime but it was crowded & much noisy for a quick meditation session :)

The Saints tomb. People from all religions flock here & are welcomed. Its beautifully constructed with glass work. It has a powerful energy flow too. No wonder people are mesmerized & keep coming back.

As usual I looked up to check the ceiling & was awestruck. The main attention grabbing thing was the Zhumbar or chandelier. Sadly parts of the ceiling's work has falling off. Hope its restored perfectly.

A better view. Awesome piece. Is it as old as the dargha? The dargha is 500 year old. :0 The glass work is arranged in a kaleidoscopic pattern, which spells the names of Allah in 99 different forms.

The other thing famous about this place is the Mannat tree or dargha. It is said that whatever you wish for comes true by tying a red thread around this tree or the frames around the saints tomb. This has been much popularised by bollywood movies.

The single minaret behind the dargha is beautifully carved.

Check the floral inlay work. The renovation work has been done on this, cause it looks quite new. But its nice.

As usual I like the lattice work & chajja along with the inlay. All in all a beautiful structure.

The view from the behind of the dargha. The Nehru Planetarium,Royal Western Turf Club is visible.

On our way back. It just took us 1hour for the entire visit & that too it happened peacefully. Gr8 I like this place.

The other thing sadly famous here are the beggars on the causeway. Today there were not many, but it seems they beg for money in dollars & some have all types of currencies. The joke is you can ask for 1000rupess change from them & they will give it to you ! :D

The Mahalakshmi is visible from here, another landmark of Mumbai.

A superb,stressfree outing on a Sunday & ticking off one item on my to-do list. Apart from the garbage thrown around its a beautiful, peaceful religious place.

If you havent visited it, please do. Iam sure you will like it :)

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Have a gr8, productive week ahead.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whats that pic-12

Hi good day !
What gum do you eat? Today post lunch we went for a walk & stopped at a general store to buy some toffees. Here is the new attraction they had:

Time Bomb Gum

They say the other big attraction among kids is the Zour Bomb !

The Time bomb was a normal gum. But the Zour Bomb was aaarrgghh.... we just threw it away.
Even awla tastes 10 times better than this.

Try these if you get them. Want to gift it to prankster brothers I have. Im sure they will love them & ask for more :P

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Bye tc.Have a great week ahead ! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trek: Kalsubai peak Maharashtra's Mount Everest 6th nov 2011

Hi Good day Ppl !
I think I should change my goal from 3forts of maharashtra to 3highest peaks of maharashtra :P
On 19th June 2011 trekked to the another highest peak in Maharashtra- Ajoba parvat 4500ft

So on Sunday 6th Nov 2011, trekked to the Kalsubai peak with Kalpvihar group. The highest peak 5400ft of the Sahyadris in Akole Taluka, of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

Story of Kalsubai:
Kalsubai is said to take its name from a Koli girl named Kalsu.' Kalsu, according to the story, was fond of wandering in the forest. One day she came to Indor at the foot of the hill now called Kalsubai, and took service with a Koli family on condition that she should not be asked to clean pots or to sweep. Matters went smoothly till, one day, one of the family ordered Kalsu to clean some pots and clear away some Utter. She did as she was bid, bat, immediately after, climbed the hill and stayed on its top till her death. Where she cleaned the pots is known as Thale Mel, and where she cleared away the litter as Kaldara.

Read more interesting information here

We started by bus on 5th Nov 2011 at 12am. Reached the base village at around 4:30am. Tried to continue sleeping till 6am in the bus.

Some restless souls like me who couldnt 'try' to sleep anymore, got out, went for a morning walk, made a campfire of eucalyptus branches, discerned patterns of the sky full of stars,...

Once everyone was up, ready after breakfast we started the trek. Vaishali Desai, the trek ograniser here took a roll call, introductions, do-donts. We started the hike @7am.
I have done River Rafting with the Kalpvihar group on 21st July 2010.

We were 35 of us. We also were joined by 2special trekkers. One was partially blind & the other without eyesight, both of them completed the trek in full spirits.

Here comes the sun, tu ru ru...

The audha(stream),well,our natural toilets, farms,...

The Kalsubai peak ! We have to reach there before sun becomes unbearable.

The everyday scene at the well. On the entire route there is no potable water or food provisions, so please carry 2-3liters of water per person & food.A bottle with glucose or electrol will do you good.

We crossed the village to reach the base of the hill.

The base of the hill & start of the trek is from here-Chote kalsubai mandir. The walk until now was warm-up ppl ! :P :D

Again enticed by the deepstambh ! This is not intricately carved, but unique in its own way.

So lets start!
The trek is medium level tough. It being a popular trekking spot, there are such steps/tracks built in the mountain, where there are steep rocky patches which will require rock climbing iron ladders have been built.

One of our special trekkers. Bless Ashok who helped him all the way !

The way up the rocky face of the mountain. The iron ladders I have tried to highlight, since they were not visible to our eyes too, forget in the pictures.

The first ladder. As you can see, its not sturdy + patched up with supports. So at a time few ppl can climb it. Also the same route is used to climb down. So you may need to wait if people are descending at the same time.

There are totally 4ladders at various steep rocky places. The trek groups have to be sensible & responsible. They have to take turns keeping a check that the ladders can handle the load of people & there is no rushing-pushing going on.

Beautiful flowers all around in a weather turning chilly day by day !

We had 2more trek groups on the climb up. There was 1group from Pune which will be scaling the Mount Everest sometime soon. It consisted of 7yr olds to 80+yr old people. The enthusiasm of this group was great & motivating.

This aaji was consistent in her walking & taking breaks. They kept telling each other-walk in rhythm, keep the rhythm.

Before the final ladder there is a plateau with a well on it & a small tapari selling chai, nimbu pani,snacks. The well water was chilled,sweet, refreshing. In summers this water is not potable. We filled up our bottles,rested for 15mins, kept the bags with Vaishali & started the walk towards final ladder.

The final ladder. It was past 12 & the crowd was getting bigger. We just pushed ourselves to walk the small distance & wait at the base for our turn.

Till our turn of 10-15ppl at a time came, we sat & watched the huge spread of terrain around.

It looked like God was in a mood to color, so took out all shades of green,yellow & played around :)

We MADE IT :) This small plateau where the temple is built can hold upto 100 people max, else it gets crowded & difficult to move around.

There was a signature campaign going on to wish luck to the trekkers to Everest :)

The Everest group with its senior citizens taking a breather on reaching top. Good work everyone !

The Kalsubai idol finally. Its a small temple with a low ceiling, can take in 5people max.

The temple. You have to bend down to enter, do pradikshina, get out.

In olden days when there were no ladders, this thick metal rope used to be used to go down & pull people up all the way. People on top used to pull up the rope helping people climbing up. We were encouraged to pull this now empty but quite heavy chain. I tried & could pull up 3-4rounds of the chain. This guy and many others pulled up the entire chain !

Waiting & We keep on waiting ! Waiting for the next and last set of people for noon to come up, so we could climb down.

The Sahyadris range ! There are 3forts on the peaks you see here. Alang,Madan and Kulang. Also Ratangad can be seen from here. The peak point served as a tower to watch the enemies during the Maratha rule.

The Bhandardara dam is very near to Kalsubai. What you see here are the backwaters of the dam.

Perfect for rock rapelling, isnt it ? ;)

On the way back through the village found this interesting Vithal,Rukhmai temple(my favourite) with the courtyard roof made from creepers.

Carry 2-3liters of water & food. Keep sipping on water at intervals to avoid dehydration. Wear proper clothing, caps, shoes. Dont hurry while climbing/descending the ladders. Avoid getting into arguments with people climbing the ladders. Keep walking consistently. There are various places you can take breaks & view the landscape.

Hope this post inspired the trekker/walker in you :) & gets you in the mood to go for a trek soon ! Its winter time coming on & a great time to trek !

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Bye. Take care.