Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Day - Habits

Hi Good day ppl !
 Today morning this sight of fresh, perky flowers greeted me. Made my day ! :)

It feels good to be doing something different which has been difficult for you since a long time.

For me, its getting up early & getting ready for work. I would love to add exercise, walk on the lawn, meditate, make breakfast, read the newspaper,... etc to my morning schedule as a habit. I have tried it, it can be done but at the cost of being insanely late plus tired even before you get out of the house.

So after reading a lot of blog posts on habits, trying permutations and combinations with myself. I am working on sticking to one habit at a time. Read more on Habits, making them stick, working with them till you make the transition at Zenhabits.

A friend used to everyday send me Good Morning mails. I have posted a lot of them on this blog. Check all Good Morning Quotes posts.

This old mail also says the same thing.

Habit is stronger than reason.

So push yourself a little more. Reward yourself. Soon you will make it a Habit :)

Have a great weekend. Bye. Tc.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

World-Needs a hug !

Hi Good day ppl !
  Do you enjoy reading the newspaper these days or watching news? It seems each Breaking news is out do the other.
 Whats the solution to this?
Saw this comic. Nancy has the solution spot on :).
The world needs a hug, lots of love-light, good intentions, 1 small change at a time.

Here is a video shared on Facebook, about changing attitudes towards Muslims:

Check these posts about making a change ! Surprisingly they are getting a lot of hits these days :)

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Excerpt-The Road to Happiness
Quotes: Good Days, Bad Days!

Have a great week ahead !
Bye. Tc :)