Friday, August 8, 2014

Food: Status restaurant, Mahim west

Good day Ppl !
Food review here. For Lunch out we colleagues  decided to try Status at MahimWest. Its opposite Hinduja Hospital & near Goa Portuguese at MahimWest.

This place was being built some 4 years ago when we used to frequent the area. It seems there are more outlets with this name around Mumbai.

The name mentions Refined Gourmet. Wanted to find out, if it really was.

The restaurant, Grade 1 says plaque outside.
The interiors are ok-ok. They wanted to portray the multi cuisine menu with the ambiance I guess. The waiters were helpful & alert.
They serve Indian, Chinese, Continental and also have a bar.
They have an upper floor seating area too. Didnt need to go up.

We were a group of 6, 4strict vegetarians, 2 coz of the majority & Shravan month. So we settled down with the menu. Everyone today ordered Mocktails

Fruit punch, Mango Blossom & Virgin Mojito
We ordered 3 veg starters. 2 of them were Paneer, very good. Other was Corn quiche turned out to be bland corn cheese balls, the mummies in us complained the ready to eat corn cheese balls from McCain are way better. :D

Paneer dish, hot & spicy. Was yummy.

The starters were filling. We ordered a Paneer sizzler with rice & a Cannelloni Florentine which was a baked dish. The waiter suggested we order another main course dish, so we ordered another sizzler.

The baked dish turned out good, the accompanying Garlic bread was a little burnt. The sizzlers were ok-ok. Turned out we shouldnt have ordered the 2nd sizzler. Had to pack it up.
Also 4 dishes out of 6 we ordered were Paneer ones, for atleast a month no one is going to try Paneer I am sure :D

Lot of space & tables arrangement was good from couple seaters to large groups.

The bill with food & drinks came around 3000Rs. 500per person, is a good enough to shell out for a good eating place near to office.

I am not sure if I will go or not go there next time. Didnt find it too bad nor praise worthy.

More information about this place:
Name: Status
Location: TH Katria Marg, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai
Contact number: 02224442121, 02224443538

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whats that pic-39

Greetings ppl !

Hello after a long time :)
I rummaged through my weird-pics-collection. Found a lot of them, so this is top most on the list.

Cube Ice, that too Filtered !!!
 This is from our 2nd Wedding Anniversary dinner when hubby dearest in an attempt to salvage the day decided to take me out to Marine Drive & dinner at Pizza Express near Gateway of India.

This tiny shop is in the alley beside the restaurant. Its like a makeshift showcase. This is its backside with the declaration of serving Filtered Ice cubes in Sugarcane juice with Ginger & Lemon.

Odd items on sale
 This is the front, it seems it sells idols, batteries, conchs, .... god knows what else.

Guess its proximity to Gateway of India, makes these items on its Hot selling list.

You can rummage around the Whats that pic series. See what catches your fancy & drop in a comment :)

Whats that pic !

See you around in a bit !
Bye. Take care !!!