Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter N for Noble Causes

Greetings People,
For Letter N I will be posting a few photographs I had the privilege to click while being part of the Noble Causes.
Om Sai Old age home, Dombivali
In January I offered to join the social initiative  called Helping hands started by my collegue and friend. We paid a visit to Om Sai Old age home to meet its residents on the eve of 26th January. Had a satisfying time & hope to volunteer for more such activities.

Mast Santa organised by JAMMs
 In October I joined a Mummy's networking group who are a totally no-nonsense, support and empower womens group. The first event I was part of was the Mast Santa. We were encouraged to fill our discarded purses and bag with toiletries and edible items and then donate these bags to the women on the street. Thus empowering them to have basic items of daily needs. The response was superb but more than that the Smiles of gratitude on the faces of the street side women was the best return gift last Christmas.

Diwali Dinner

The little volunteer and his smiling receiver of gifts

Mumbai's Biggest Diwali party ! This was no hot-shot party in a swanky Hotel. This was a Party held ever year for special kids and orphans at the Maha lakshmi Race course. A lot of NGO's and their kids are invited to the party where they have a sit-down dinner and are gifted with all the things they would need from pencils, toiletries, books, chocolates.... & crackers ! The Smiles actually lighted up our Diwali that year in 2010.

Hope to actively be part of such activities more often.

This was our post for Letter N:

Coming right up is Letter O !

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter M for Moon

Good day people,
Contribution for Letter M is photographs I have been obsessively clicking of the MOON !
Joke: How do South Indians spell Moon?
Ans: M O  yet another O N ;) :D

This reminds me of the Song: To the Moon and Back :)
This was taken on my morning walk during a short family vacation to Igatpuri. Have you heard the song: To the Moon and back ?

Panaroma shot
The obsession become strong when I first got a phone with a camera. This was in 2006 with my Sony Ericsson phone, the camera was the best. I still remember it when handling a Digi cam or a DSLR.

Chandomama at the Worli Sea Link, 6am during Mumbai Marathon
Like the stories we hear when kids, I feel it follows me everywhere or just makes me find him all the time ;) At Mumbai Marathon on the Worli Sea Link

The ring is visible in this one

These are from my moms place.

From my native place
Do you have some good shots of the moon? Please share them with us.

Completed our contribution for Letter M:

What photos to showcase for Letter N? Any suggestions? I am thinking.

Bye. Take care.

Monday, April 18, 2016

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter L for Lotus, Lilies

Good day everyone :)
Lets get some sunshine into the day with pictures of L for: Lotus and Lilies.

I have been trying the Macro shots with flowers. The best results I got are from roses, lilies and lotus flowers. Have a post just dedicated to Lilies.

Check out the pics and tell me which one you like best.

Lotus bud
This was clicked at Khandala during an office outing.

Red Lilies
These are the latest snaps from my MIL's garden. Today I see 2 more buds.

This was clicked at the Mapro Garden in Panchgani in Feb during our short trip. Panchgani is a lovely place to visit to chill.

Little Lily
This was my profile picture for many years. These tiny lilies bloom during rainy season in my Papa's garden.

White Lily
Another one from my MIL's garden. See the rest of the pics at : Nature: Lilies

This was our photo contribution for Letter L:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter K for Kettle

Good day everyone !
K for Kettle, yes cause I am a teetotaler and to an extent addicted to tea. Anytime Anyplace I am fine with Tea :) So you can guess when I spot tea or any of its paraphernalia I get excited and if I posses a camera at that time, it needs to be captured.

Short little kettles. Wish they had hot chai in them ;)
At Bhandi Bazar near Crawford market.

Spot the Kettle ?
At the Laxmi market of Pune.

Brass Kettle, neat and shiny
This was at a famous tea & snacks shop in Pune. Most of the utensils used there were made of brass. Even the glass in which water was served. Snacks was super tempting along with the Tea :)

I am not posting the in-numerous photos I have clicked of tea in different forms and colors. God bless you, really.
So this was our contribution for Letter K:

Letter L coming up soon !