Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Event: JAMMs Fitness workshop with Payal Gidwani and Bookclub meet

Good day everyone !
Yesterday coincidentally was a health-alert day for me.
I attended a JAMMs Book Club meet and Fitness session organised by JAMMs network at Cosmic Fusion, Santacruz headed by Payal Gidwani Tiwari.

The slogan for the Day was: Yoga se hi Hoga :) Apt, I would say :D

The JAMMs bookclub wanted to meet offline and discuss books. So the meet was organised by Ritu and Sonia. Payal who is a Celebrity Yoga Guru and author for 2 books, with a long list of celebrities who owe their figures, health to her agreed to do a Yoga session for the JAMMies.
So we 20 of JAMMies meet at Payal's Cosmic Fusion studio where she conducts Yoga and lot of other sessions along with diet and nutrition counselling.

Payal has authored 2 books:
XL to XS
Body Goddess

Talking about Yoga, its benefits, myths, diseases, cures, habits,.. Yoga can cure almost all diseases. It is a way of life and not a exercise regime. It works on physical, mental, emotional levels too. If done correctly, it will change you into a better person too, if not then its not Yoga. To learn Yoga, find a good, certified instructor who can not only teach, correct but also motivate you. After doing Yoga, you will feel good about yourself, if it doesnt then its just a wrong exercise regime.

Got to know lot of my fellow members had ailments I wouldnt dream of having. So I am now grateful for a healthy body and gearing up to keep it that way :) 2cups of Tea only from now on :p :\

The main concern for us mommies is Pre Menopause or technically Perimenopause, which is now-a-days starting earlier in ladies. The only solution is to exercise and follow a diet of eating healthy and on-time. To beat Menopause and related ailments, workout minimum 150 mins in a week. The workout needs to raise your heart beat. So maybe running, Aerobics, Zumba, Kickboxing,.. plus Yoga with a diet can help you in the long run.

Payal was telling us, In Japan women dont have Menopause cause their lifestyle is based around eating vegetables, fruits and working physically.
Payal instructed us for a short exercise session which comprised of correct Surya Namaskar, few basic and important Asanas and stretches along with meditation. It was like going back to school for physical education class.

No pictures to show as proof, but we did sweat it out doing simple asanas.

JAMMs Bookclub and Payal Gidwani Tiwari
A group pic with Ritu, the JAMMs book lovers cum fitness enthusiats.

Books written by Payal Gidwani Tiwari

Presenting Payal a small token from Wish-a-tree initiative

Falguni a financial consultant, runs www.wishatree.org 

Payal and Ritu our main Motivators to be Super mommies ;)

Payal signing my copy of Body Goddess
I am going to read the book and put up a review soon. Let you know Payal once I do. It has detailed explanation about various Asanas, exercise regime, chakra info, age wise categorization of issues and solutions for women,...etc

What is a Women's meet without food and networking(no gossip, in this group)? 
Sonia our group leader had very well managed and organised a potluck lunch. Each member had brought a dish which was like a super delicious buffet. After a workout, it was good to have yummy, homecooked food.
Payal our Guru approved of it, so we ate without guilt :D

Know more about JAMMs: 
JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.
Read my first experience with JAMMs for MAST SANTA

Buy Payal Gidwani Tiwari's books at:

Be Healthy, beautiful, glowing, happy & grateful always.
Bye. Take care

Friday, January 1, 2016

Whats that pic-44

After ages a picture for the Whats that pic series.

Only in India will people park their cars anywhere and leave them.No one will touch it for years.
Only in India when you park a car in a paid parking lot, it will get stolen within an hour.

Parked for good

This car around Thane is parked like this since couple of years. The TMC when it was working on the road, worked around the car but no one moved it out :P

I think we can start a 'Only in India' series too with such pictures :)

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Bye. Take care

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Event: Mast Santa organised by JAMM's, one bag leading to empowerment

Good day People,
I have recently joined a group called: JAMM's ( Journey About Mast Mother's). This group tries to empower women to get into mainstream after becoming a mother. I have been getting Whatsapp updates dozens in a day, informing about various workshops, events, seminars conducted on these lines. A very active community of mothers helping each other get productive after childbirth, help fulfill their desires and passions. :)

Few days ago I received this on the group page. Its nearing Christmas and End of year time. After Diwali cleaning lot of stuff is ready to be thrown away. How about making it reusable for a needy person and spread the Joy of the Season.

Mast Santa
If you have a spare bag, fill it up daily essentials, hygiene products or eatables. Gift this bag to a lady on the street. We encouraged ladies everywhere to donate such goody bags to ladies on the street. One woman empowering another woman. Also it need not be before 25th Dec. This can be done anytime, anywhere :)

I actually had my office bag gathering dust since I quit work 1.5years ago. I was thinking of what to do with it. This initiative sounded just the thing that would make it useful once more for someone else other than my maids, who get a lot of such things from their employers.

So I volunteered on the group to do it in few days.
Luckily Ritu, the COO of JAMM's got the help of Times of India and Maharashtra Times to help spread the word. So this was the small group who could gather in Thane and were our Mast Santa's. Ritu is in the Center with Antlers ;)

 Here are JAMM's members donating goody bags :)

These ladies on the street are forever on the move. They carry small children with them. We added food items, soaps, shampoos, sanitary pads, old woolen clothes, oil etc.
Some of us had a tough time finding ladies who really needed such bags. My bag went to a ragpicker lady near Thane stadium.

 Apart from doing a good deed, I also got to meet some lovely mommies, each doing something unique. From bloggers to belly dance teachers to volunteers at NGO's.  JAMM's is really motivating mommies to follow their hobbies and then getting mommies to network and spread the word.

Our Mast Santa initiative was covered like this:
On Times of India: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thane/Met-in-virtual-world-mothers-spread-Xmas-joy-on-a-social-note/articleshow/50142999.cms

In Maharashtra Times: http://maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/maharashtra/thane-kokan/jam-is-santa-clause-for-them/articleshow/50210848.cms

I am still getting messages from friends who wanted to gift bags to needy people on the streets.
So whenever you have a spare/old bag, fill it up with daily essentials and gift to a needy person. Anyone,Anytime, Anyplace can do this !

My friend who is a nurse in USA, says they do this around winter in their hospital by filling bags with woolens so that the homeless people can stay warm.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Shop: Doyne's creation, Dadar. Dresses for girls

Good day people,

Now-a-days people share photo collection of babies & cute little girls dressed in elegant, lovely dresses. I love those little frilly, fluffy dresses or frocks in common terms.
Since 2007 I have been passing this shop in Dadar where they display such lovely little dresses. But I never got a chance or reason to go and shop there until last year.

My neice was turning one and I thought of gifting the little doll a pretty little dress.

I am against those bling-bling, over-the-top frills, rustling rough material they use for dresses and lining, especially for little children.

So the moment I went inside, I checked the material of the dresses. It was smooth & soft to touch. The dresses have an elegant, royal look & feel to them.

Cute dresses for girls
I got talking to the owner Mrs. Lucia Soares. She started the store 25+ years ago, since 1989. They have dresses for newborns to 12 year olds. Only Girls though ;)

Mrs. Soares herself designs each of them. Personally buys the fabrics from her selected shops. She has a workshop in Mahim where all the dresses get made.

Mrs. Lucia Soares, owner of Doyne's Creation, Dadar
They make few pieces in each size for a particular design. So there is a variety to choose from in each age group. The dresses range from party-wear to casual and daily wear.
They also take Exclusive orders for design dress for Birthday. Also orders in bulk.
They are very popular for designing flower-girls dresses worn in weddings :) I am sure each flower-girl will look cute in those designs.

Can you believe each of these dresses can be hand washed at home. I was like, please mam, design for us older ladies too :D

The prices are perfect. Looking at the dresses and shop one might feel they are expensive but I found them to be worth it. The material, quality of stitching, the soft feel, ease of maintenance and the look are worth it.

This is my neice in one of the dresses I bought here. I loved the colour combo & the sailor cut.
Mrs. Soares says, this design always sells out fast. Glad, I got a piece.
My brother loved it so much, since 1 year he has been buying dresses whenever he is in Dadar area :)

My collegues too are regular customers here.

So if you are in Dadar, please go visit Doyne's creation for sure. Its bang opposite Sena Bhavan and right next to Aaswad Hotel.

Doyne's Creation,
2/215 ,Vavda Building Shivaji Park ,Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra ( South ) - 400028
Landmark: Opp Sena Bhavan. Besides Aaswad Hotel
Contact number: 022-24452086, 022-24468000

Like they say in the nursery rhyme-Hot Cross buns:
If you have no daughter, give them to your son... You may buy and gift to any little girls in your family or friends :)

Say Hello to Mrs. Soares from side, please ;)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Food: Oriental Spice,A Chinese Restaurant, Thane

Good day people,
As my mom will say, We have been doing a lot of  'Hotelling' these days.
And I have taken it upon myself to Review each of these places.

So another family favorite for Authentic Chinese in Thane is 'Oriental Spice'.

It was one of the first Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Thane. Even with big malls like Viviana & Korum and Chinese restaurant chains like Mainland Chinese, China Bistro,... Oriental Spice has a loyal fan following.

Oriental Spice, Thane

Be prepared to be in Waiting queue on weekends. Its turn around is fast, without giving the feeling of being rushed, so you wont lose your appetite waiting outside :)

We frequent Oriental Spice couple of times in a year even though our usual favorite Chinese restaurant (China Bistro) being walking distance away.

So this time we landed here on a Sunday for lunch. Thankfully we got a table for 3 immediately. I am Eggetarian, my 2 year old son and hubby enjoy non-vegetarian food. Here though the menu is well set and you will love any dish you order, we prefer to let our Captain suggest the dishes.

They always make some lovely, unique, authentic Chinese dishes albeit suiting the Indian palete but never over the top.
We opted for 1 Soup veg, non-veg each and 1 Veg Starter.
 Since my son loves mushroom, we opted for Mushroom Tofu soup Veg and Spicy Crab meat soup for my husband.

Mushroom Tofu veg soup, it was hot & filling

Spicy crab meat soup, it was perfect remedy for cold
 I cant finish 1 whole veg starter dish, my husband then ends up finishing it instead of tasting along with his non veg dish. So we opted only for 1 veg starter.

The Captain suggested Mushroom and Baby corn in pepper sauce. It was really awesome, peppery and lil tinge of sweet. If I had tried I could have finished the whole dish :D

Mushroom & Baby corn in Pepper sauce
If we are in Oriental Spice, my husband will always want to end the meal with its Pot rice, this time Veg cause I was sharing it.
It a superb combination of rice and noodles in hot and sweet sauce  with lot of veggies in it. You should really try it. I am now tired of Thai curry rice in all restaurants and weddings.

Veg Pot rice in a clay pot
 The entire meal is quick with its attentive staff always around to serve and help without hovering around tables. They are good with kids too, so you can be assured your kids will enjoy being there instead of being intimidated or bored. My kid was at his jumping best that day and almost knocked down the sofa's upright cushions. He was scared of a scolding but our friendly waiter smilingly offered him litchi candies they offer as mouth fresheners with the bill.

Chocolate Mousse

I cant go without desert or a Mock-tail. This time since I had a filing Soup, I let the Mock-tail pass. So Dessert was a must have. The Captain rolled off a few fresh dessert names. I quickly picked up Chocolate mousse, no one can go wrong with a Mousse. My hubby opted for Apple cinnamon cake.

Apple Cinnamon cake with a dollop of Vanilla ice cream
The Mousse was perfect in sweetness and rich in creaminess. The Cinnamon smell was wafting even before it reached our table. My son had a go at the ice cream, I tasted the cake to compare it with the one I make. This was way better :D so much that next day I tried to bake one :D

I forgot to mention the Ambiance, The food is so good :)

The place is small but beautifully arranged, with sections for large group seating to small corners for couples and families. The furniture is sturdy wooden made and gives a quaint feel to the place, but the lighting and big windows keeps it feeling fresh.

They make sure everyone is seated comfortably and served well.
Some people think its a little expensive, but for the menu, quality of food, service, ambiance I believe its worth it.
Even though they don't serve alcohol.

Our bill with 2 soups, 1 starter, 1rice dish, 2 desserts came around Rs.1500. Worth it, I believe.

More details about this Restaurant:
Name: Oriental Spice, A Chinese Restaurant, Thane
Location: Shreeji Arcade, Almeda Road, Panch Pakhadi, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West, Thane.
Website: http://www.orientalspice.in/
Phone number: 022 25421111, 022 25394917
Cuisine: Authentic Chinese

Do try it out if you are in Thane.

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Stay tuned for more Food reviews coming up. 2 to be exact :D

Bye. Take care. Have a blessed week ahead :)